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Alcohol Policy

Park Avenue Catering’s Alcohol Service Policy

Park Avenue Catering is a fully licensed caterer and must comply with all State regulations. A request for proper permitting is submitted to the ABC 30 days prior to your event and must be approved in order for Park Avenue to facilitate the service of hard alcohol.
Park Avenue Catering practices what is known in our industry as “Responsible Hospitality”. As a company we often provide and/or serve alcohol at festive occasions. It is important that all parties understand the principles of Responsible Hospitality (RH) and agree to support each other in resolving conflicts that can result from our efforts to enforce RH. We have found it best to communicate directly with our clients (the hosts), their representatives, and when applicable, with those in charge of the venue.

The goals of Responsible Hospitality are as follows:
1. To prevent illegal alcohol service to minors
2. To reduce the likelihood of drinkers becoming intoxicated
3. To prevent those who are impaired from harming themselves or others.
We have found that friends and associates are often the best emissaries to help diffuse potential issues with intoxicated individuals.

The following policies will be enforced any time Park Avenue Catering (PAC) is in charge of serving alcohol at an event, regardless of whether the alcohol was provided by PAC, the client or a third party.
• We will ask for a valid ID for anyone who appears to be underage (21 years old)
• We will refuse service to anyone who cannot produce a valid ID to show that they are of the age to legally drink alcohol.
• We have a “no shots” policy at the bar and at the tables. This can extend, at our discretion to drinks on the rocks.
• We will confiscate unsupervised (not served by PAC) alcohol being consumed at the event, in parking lots and other remote areas connected with the event.
• We reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to anyone who in our view is impaired or belligerent.
• We will ask for the help of the hosts if needed to ensure a guest who is impaired does not drive. We expect and need full cooperation in this regard.
• We ask that the hosts understand our concerns and assist in enforcing our policies of Responsible Hospitality.
• If in our judgment we are not able to properly control consumption of alcohol, we reserve
• PAC requires the name of a person on-site who will be our go-between and contact in case issues arise.


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