Park Avenue

Frequently Asked Questions

You will most certainly have questions regarding your event. Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers. Feel free to browse the FAQs and if you have more questions, call us at your convenience.

What is included in your package?

Our personal package includes, when needed, complimentary high quality, thin-rimmed white china, hammered pattern flatware, and cloth napkins. Dinner packages include bread and olive oil on each table and coffee service. For a plated dinner, your entrée price also includes a salad first course, with a knife and fork for this course. We set the table with a bread & butter plate. If you are planning a wedding, the cake cutting service (with plate and fork) is included.

What “other costs” should I consider when looking at your proposal?

We try to be very transparent in our proposals, so everything is itemized. We do everything we can to avoid surprises, and we stand behind our word: No hidden costs, and nothing forgotten.

What extra costs must we add later on?

We do our best to lock in prices at the time of booking your event, however, there are times when we cannot do so. In these circumstances, we will pass the increase on to you.

While we know of seasonal food cost fluctuations, there are times when certain items might take a giant leap in the time between booking and your event. If a main ingredient cost goes up 20% or more in that time period, we will offer you’re the choice of an alternative or a modest price increase.

Your event is planned for a certain number of hours. If you decide to extend that time, we will need to charge overtime for our staff. We try to address this beforehand, however, you may decide you would like to keep the party going!

Last, a gratuity is up to your discretion. PAC does not add on nor require a gratuity for our staff, however, they are always appreciated.

Do you offer tastings?

We offer a complimentary tasting, based on your menu, including four hors d’oeuvres; salad; two entrees and two sides.

Can you help me find a site/venue for my event?

Our team of Event Specialists have worked with nearly every event venue in the area. We will be happy to listen to your vision and needs, then recommend the venues that would be suited for you. Whether it’s a winery, private estate, museum or an event venue – we know them all well!

Can I do my own rentals?

Part of our service is to coordinate everything required for your event. This includes any additional rentals required that are not provided by the site you have chosen. It is our expertise, attention to detail and strong partner relationships that will help ensure your event will be flawless.

Our dedicated Rental Administrator will work directly with our team to ensure all rental items are ordered, accounted for and returned. During the course of planning and execution, we make the myriad of small adjustments as your guest count changes or items are added. In the long run, this will save you time, headaches and often money as well.

Can you recommend other vendors for us?

In business for over two decades in the San Francisco Bay Area, we have worked with many providers. We will gladly share the list of those recommended. The more we get to know you, the better we can hone our recommendations.

Do you do wedding coordination?

We can assist you with many of the details of your wedding, including timing, locating a venue, linen color selection, and identifying the various vendors you may need to make your day special. Collaborating with the venue to create a floor plan for your wedding will assure you do not miss any of the important details on your day. Whether in a private home, public venue or winery wedding, we serve as your partners in the event.

We do not do wedding coordination.

We can, however, help you determine if you need one and are happy to recommend the right person for you. Having worked with many talented people, we have a gift for matching brides with planners.

How are your staff trained?

Staff members are trained by our team of captains and our Staffing Coordinator. Written manuals and guidelines are provided to align our team to consistently deliver Park Avenue Quality.

Our lead chefs and captains have participated in a thorough training, as well as performed in an exemplary fashion before given the opportunity to lead.

Do you use agencies for your staff hiring?

All staff members are hired by our Staffing Department. We do not use agencies, even for fill-in. This ensures that the team working with you has been trained to and is committed to deliver Park Avenue Quality. Your event is our priority!

Will you manage the team?

Our event captains are experts at managing our on-site team on your event day. During the prior week, we will meet with your captain to ensure he/she knows all the details of your day. It is the captain who then coordinates with our staff, the venue co-ordinator and wedding planner throughout your event, to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully.

How much should we add for a gratuity?

Gratuity is not expected, but always appreciated. Our policy is to share gratuities equally amongst all those who have worked your event. This includes servers, bartenders, chefs and dishwashers.

If you decide to show your appreciation, typically our clients will add 15-20% based on food total, or a set amount per employee. We will let you know how many will be working with you and suggest a total. Please feel free to ask us for recommendations.

Can you do a farm-to-table event?

Our events in general are very close to what is called “farm to table”. We source locally and seasonally, yet also reach out of the area when appropriate.

If your goal is a locavore dinner, our owner and Executive Chef Bruce Riezenman would be pleased to help you create the experience. Chef Riezenman has been working with our local farmers for many years and has insights into what is available and who is the best person to work with.

We are thrilled to work with you to create a Farm-to-Table experience. Be it a vineyard, winery, farm, or your “special place,” our team will deliver Park Avenue Quality.

Do you work with local vendors?

We have been working with many of our vendors and farmers for decades. These relationships afford us the special privilege of acquiring quality products not available to others. This is part of our promise to deliver Park Avenue Quality.

Do you support the local community and how?

Park Avenue Catering donates 2% of our revenues to non-profits and the community through direct donations, products and services. We instruct non-profits in creating successful fundraising events. We purchase locally through growers and are loyal supporters of local business to meet the needs of our clients.

As thought-leaders in cuisine and sustainability, we are honored that Park Avenue Catering was the first Green Certified Caterer in all of Napa and Sonoma Counties.

Green Certification includes many parts of our business. Below are a few highlights:

  • We compost all our food waste, including meat and dairy.
  • Our seafood is sustainable as defined by the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch List.
  • Our meats are all-natural with no antibiotics or hormones, ever.
  • Our produce is seasonal, and local when possible.
  • Our energy consumption is monitored and kept efficient.
  • We use a double-carbon filtration system for our drinking water. This keeps over 20,000 plastic bottles out of the waste stream annually.
  • What makes you a certified green caterer?