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This website is owned by and represents Park Avenue Catering:

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In general, website visitors are considered second-party entities. This includes: website users and/or visitors; The customers, clients, consumers, and/or patrons of the first-party entities.

In general, any entity or person who is not identified as a first or second party qualifies as a third-party. Third-parties typically provide assistance with serving up information or functionality requested by the first or second parties.

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Personal Data and Privacy Policy

We may retain personal data about you when you visit and use this website. This includes data provided by your ISP, browser, and computer when you visit our website, but may include other personal information when you provide it such as when you fill out a contact form.

Park Avenue Catering (owner) and OptiRev, LLC (controller) respect your privacy and will never share or sell it to third-party entities.

If you do not agree to have your data tracked by Google Analytics please opt-out here We take precautions to protect your data, but we do not guarantee absolute protection. Never submit personal information, or sensitive personal data.

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Content which is not property of Park Avenue Catering is specified using in-text citations or visible citations placed near individual images and graphics.

This website was designed and developed by OptiRev, LLC.

Policy Updates

All policies are subject to change. This webpage will contain the active and current version of our website policies.

  • Our Cookie Policy was last updated: 2018-10-26.
  • Our Personal Data and Privacy Policy was last updated: 2018-10-26.
  • Our Copyrights and Credits Information was last updated: 2018-10-26.

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have put together heathy grab-n’-go bowls for pick up or delivery.

Looking for a way to support your community?

Order takeout/delivery meals for your favorite essential workers. Email us at [email protected] to place your order. Minimum 25 per order

*PAC is adhering to all safe food handling protocol in accordance to the CDC.

Park Avenue Catering