Park Avenue Catering is Absolutely Extraordinary

Our Story is a tale of many people and places.

We are a collection of many talents, starting with our owner and Executive Chef Bruce Riezenman. Along our twenty-five year path, Bruce has hired, taught and nurtured a dedicated family of professionals who bring years of experience and perspective to Park Avenue Catering and our clients.

We work together and dine together, and along the way we share ideas, trouble shoot and find solutions.

Whether their unique ability is food, presentation, design or logistics, we pool our talents and help each other achieve heights greater than any of us could do on our own.

Park Avenue Catering was created in 1989 by Bruce while the owner of Prospect Park Restaurant in Santa Rosa. Over time, Bruce saw this as his chosen path for creativity as well as his penchant for logistics and the challenges inherent in serving a great restaurant-quality meal in remote locations.

Park Avenue Catering