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Park Avenue Catering is no ordinary company.  It never stands still. The creative juices overflow all day long. We come up with new ideas, create concepts, brainstorm how to make them work and then they become a reality. We see a need, create a plan, and then we execute. This is how our family grows. And wait, there will be more…

Chef Riezenman is the author of Pair It!, the highly acclaimed Food & Wine Pairing app for smart devices. Pair It! is a comprehensive wine and food pairing guide with over 1,000 dishes and 20,000 pairings based on varietals and regions. This expertise is one of the many reasons why Park Avenue Catering is so highly regarding by our local Sonoma and Napa wineries.

Stellar Catering was born in April 2014. It is a collaboration between two powerhouses, Chef Bruce Riezenman of Park Avenue Catering and Chef Ari Weiswasser of Glen Ellen Star.  Due to many requests, Glen Ellen Star wanted to create a catering division & Park Avenue saw the perfect fit with a more casual style as an option to our current offerings.  It is a great marriage of two successful companies. Stellar Catering features rustic, open fire cooking with a similar focus on local and seasonal but with a more casual style of service and presentation.

We hope you find within our family a style that fits you best.

Park Avenue Catering