Summer Menu

seasonal ingredients sourced locally with care


Summer tartare tostada, avocado, cucumber, mango, cilantro

Grilled peach-tomato bruschetta, bocconcini, micro Basil +$2

Arancini, summer corn, basil aioli

Chevre & sundried tomato tart

Summer vegetable rolls, sesame-ginger hoisin

Watermelon gazpacho, tagine, mint

Grilled shrimp, miso vinaigrette, micro shiso +$2

Bay scallop ceviche, chipotle-watermelon salsa, corn chip +$2

Crepe roulade, cream cheese, smoked salmon, dill, salmon caviar +$2

Pizzeta, prosciutto, goat cheese, fig-balsamic reduction, arugula

Mini duck confit tostada, black eyed pea puree, charred corn salsa, cilantro

Grilled Chicken Skewer, oregano & tzatziki

Shortrib grilled cheese, onion jam and horseradish +$1

Appetizers by Park Ave Catering in San Francisco
Salad with blue cheese servied at a wedding by Park Ave Catering


All salads include seasonal greens from local Farms

Summer melon, red & green bibb lettuce, avocado, pistachio, pancetta crisp, champagne-dijon vinaigrette

Summer lettuces, avocado, shaved radish, crispy chickpeas, yogurt-dill dressing, za’atar

Watermelon, Bulgarian style feta, oil cured black olives, arugula, sumac vinaigrette

Summer Panzanella, local tomatoes, olives, cucumber, basil, red onions, rustic croutons, baby arugula, bocconcini, red wine vinaigrette + $3

Peach Salad, Summer Lettuces, gorgonzola, grilled onion rings, toasted pecans, champagne vinaigrette +$1

Burrata & beefsteak tomato, aged balsamic & olive oil +$3

Baby kale caesar, roasted garlic croutons, shaved parmesan


Roasted Chicken breast, sun dried tomato harissa

Brick Chicken, piri-piri

Brick Chicken, natural jus

Grilled Tri Tip, lemon pepper rub, salsa verde

Bistro Filet, fig-balsamic bordelaise

Grilled Flank steak, toasted sunflower sofrito, sungold tomato vinaigrette

*Upgrade any beef to Flat Iron +$4, New York +$5, Skirt Steak +$12, Filet +$20

Grilled Shrimp, adobe glaze, summer corn salsa +$4

Grilled Salmon, shaved fennel, preserved lemon, sauce romesco +$5

House made gemelli pasta, chanterelle mushrooms, demi sec cherry tomatoes, burrata & basil pesto *

Summer corn ravioli, sweet 100’s, olive oil, mint & garlic

Layered Yellow & Green Squash, Eggplant & Almond Milk Ricotta, wild mushrooms, spicy tomato marmalade, pine nuts & edible blossoms (V)

Grilled Portobello mushroom cap, mashed butter beans, charred okra, sungold tomato vinaigrette, petite greens (V)

* Vegan Option Available

Rice dish served by Park Ave Catering for a Bay Area wedding
Ravioli served with tomatoes at a wedding by Park Ave Catering

Potatoes, Grains and Pasta Sides

Red flint polenta

Pearl cous cous “risotto” with summer squash

Smashed Roasted Potatoes

Marble Potatoes

Orzo with summer corn, bell pepper and zucchini

Basmati rice, toasted vermicelli pasta, almonds and herbs

Wild rice pilaf with preserved lemon & peas

Roasted fingerling potatoes, garlic & parsley

Basmati rice pilaf

Orecchiette, white wine, garlic and pine nuts with broccoli rabe, caramelized onions, sun dried tomatoes (hot)

Farfalle basil pesto, Toasted pine nuts and parmesan with mushrooms, demi sec yellow & red cherry tomatoes, artichokes (room temp)

Cavatappi, zucchini ribbons, basil, mint & parmesan, lemon vinaigrette (room temp)

Vegetable Side

Mixed summer squash, demi sec cherry tomatoes & bagna cauda

Summer carrots, Oaxaca mole, toasted sesame seeds

Roasted cauliflower, summer savory vinaigrette  *Upgrade to Tri-color cauliflower +$2

Corn kernels, mayo, cotija, chipotle and lime

Blistered shishito peppers, shabazi

Simply roasted summer vegetables or mushrooms with herb & garlic olive oil

Summer corn succotash

Chicken and vegetable dish on a white plate by Park Ave Catering

In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have put together heathy grab-n’-go bowls for pick up or delivery.

Looking for a way to support your community?

Order takeout/delivery meals for your favorite essential workers. Email us at [email protected] to place your order. Minimum 25 per order

*PAC is adhering to all safe food handling protocol in accordance to the CDC.

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