Virtual Event Catering

Our favorite food options for

virtual gatherings in Sonoma Co. and beyond

In the digital era, many of our corporate partners and non-profit organizations are transitioning their gatherings to the virtual world. From virtual meetings to online galas, Park Avenue Catering is here to enhance these events with our specialized catering for virtual events. We're not just delivering meals; we're creating memorable experiences that bridge the gap in virtual gatherings.

We offer a variety of options to suit your virtual event catering needs, from engaging happy hour mixers and personalized gift boxes to ready-to-eat meals and sophisticated three-course dinners. Our services are designed to bring people together, regardless of the distance.

Our catering options can be conveniently picked up from Park Avenue Catering, delivered throughout Sonoma County, or shipped anywhere in the United States, making us your go-to solution for virtual event catering. Connect with us to make your next virtual event a culinary success.

close-up shot of an arugula salad
Plate of gourmet foods | Park Avenue Catering virtual events
Steak and salad seasonal box
Seasonal box delivery shipping box

Our favorite VIRTUAL meal IDEAS:

Three Course Dinner for 2 | $60 per person
Restaurant-quality meals typically don't happen at home unless you live with a chef! Let us provide you with a three course meal that will truly bring the restaurant to your own private dinning room. (2 servings)
When you want to knock it out of the park!

Alfresco Box | $30 per person
ready-to-eat meals designed to be enjoyed at room temperature. locally sourced and seasonal ingredients makes every bite that much better.
Perfect for casual events!

Happy Hour | $20 per person
A well curated box of cheese, charcuterie and other savory snacks best paired with your favorite bottle of wine and well spent time with friends.
Perfect for any day of the week!

Choose your delivery methods:

1. Pick Up | $
Use our headquarters in Cotati as your event's pick up location. We are centrally located in Sonoma County making it the ideal for a quick pick up.
Keep it simple!

2. Drive Through Experience | $
We will deliver the pre-ordered meals to your distribution teams in field. You can have guests pick up from central locations, or choose to deliver them personally.
Making things easy for large engagements!

3. Home Delivery | $$
Our Park Avenue Catering team packs and delivers your orders to each attendee’s home within Sonoma County. This is a great way to be sure your attendees have that personal touch and everything they need before joining your virtual event.
Another home run experience for your guests!

4. Shipping | $$$
This is a fantastic option for groups spread throughout the United States. Whether you're in New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco your group can be together, sharing a meal and a memorable experience.
When you want to make it look easy!

Full Menus


In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have put together heathy grab-n’-go bowls for pick up or delivery.

Looking for a way to support your community?

Order takeout/delivery meals for your favorite essential workers. Email us at [email protected] to place your order. Minimum 25 per order

*PAC is adhering to all safe food handling protocol in accordance to the CDC.

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